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portrait of Marc Tessier-Lavigne in the Stanford quad
Stanford University's eleventh president

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

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About Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Marc Tessier-Lavigne is a pioneering neuroscientist, biotechnology executive, and academic leader. He served as Stanford University’s eleventh president from September 2016 through August 2023. 

As president, Dr. Tessier-Lavigne launched a long-range planning process that produced a new strategic vision, with the overarching goal of setting the university on a course to make meaningful contributions for the 21st century as a purposeful university. During his tenure, Stanford opened its first new school in 75 years, the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability; launched accelerators to speed the application of knowledge in health, learning, social issues, and sustainability; initiated a new shared experience for first-year students focused on civic responsibility; and more.

About Marc Tessier-Lavigne

A Vision for Stanford

Stanford is ideally placed to interpret and enhance the transformation of the human experience in a rapidly changing world. You can learn more about the Long-Range Vision at

Tessier-Lavigne Laboratory

Dr. Tessier-Lavigne’s laboratory investigates how neural circuits in the brain form during embryonic development. It also studies nerve cell responses to injury and the mechanisms underlying nerve cell death with the goal of developing therapies for brain injury and neurodegenerative disease.